CLUB NEWS: East Cobb Bullets Announce Changing of the Guard

Legendary travel ball coach, Greg Schnute, who founded the East Cobb Bullets in 1996, is excited to announce that JD Heath and Andrew Biele will be taking over the organization effective this summer.

Greg is still going to remain on the board and be active with the club as the founder, but he felt it was important to make sure the legacy of the program was in good hands moving forward.

“JD and Andrew have done a great deal for our program and the sport of softball. These are two well respected people in the softball community. They have won at the highest level, having won multiple national championships and have had multiple teams finish with #1 ranked team in the year end US Club Rankings,” said Schnute. “They understand the recruiting landscape, have unbelievable relationships with both college coaches and all the national event companies. Their values and ability to teach and develop these young ladies is what our program continues to require.”

JD Heath will take over the program alongside Andrew Biele.

“We want to build a program to help young athletes achieve their dreams and teach them life lesson. It needs to be about the girls,” Heath said. “We want to make the sport less expensive for families and be able to provide tremendous value for our coaches, players and parents.”

In speaking with Andrew Biele he was excited for the future of the program and could say enough good things about Coach Schnute. “Greg has done so much for the game. He is one of the godfathers of the sport, especially here in the Southeast. He should be honored for everything he has done for the game, and the best way for JD and I to honor him is to help make the Bullets the best organization in the country. All I can tell you is no one is going to do more for their coaches and athletes than us. We have some exciting announcements coming.”

Safe to say the East Cobb Bullets program is in good hands for the future.

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