Five Reasons to Join the Founders Club

  1. Early Access to Exclusive Content. Who are the Top 100 Players in college softball? We’ve got you covered. Our Founders Club Members will get access to lists and rankings before anyone else! If you’re a huge softball fan, want to stay up to date with the most accurate rankings and access behind the scenes content – this membership is for you! 
  1. First-Access to VIP SA Parties. This follows the idea of community above and allows us to come together, celebrate, watch and discuss the game we all love! Softball America will be hosting tailgate parties at the Clearwater Invitational, Mary Nutter, and a hospitality tent at the Women’s College World Series.
  2. Exclusive Merchandise. Members of the Founders Club will receive exclusive merchandise and first-access to all SA merchandise at 33% discounted rate. We are working on this now and will let you know as soon as it is available.
  3. Community. If you love softball, Softball America’s Founders Club was formed for you. With only 100 memberships available, it allows us to provide a personal experience to devoted softball fans all across the country. What you can expect? Early access, town hall-style meetings, discounts, free entries into contests for giveaways and much more!
  4. Let’s Connect. All of our Founders Club members will get a shoutout on social media! We know that you are the foundation of our sport and want to make sure we connect with you. New members will receive an email asking if they’d like a shoutout on social media platforms such as X/Twitter, Instagram, and others. SA wants to grow the game with YOU! SIGN UP TO BE A FOUNDERS CLUB MEMBER

VIDEO: Ian Ritchie (Lead Investor in SA) on the importance of offering different membership options.


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